Making Video for Your Company

By Kirkland Video Production |

If you are making video for your company, you can call a video production company, like us, to guide you though the whole process from start to finish. We'll end up asking you several questions about your video so that we can suss out your needs and requirements for the video. After that, we'll have a pretty good idea of the number of hours that it will take to shoot and edit the video, plus any other costs associated with producing the video. If you'd like to get your thoughts a little organized ahead of time, here's an overview, called the "Creative Brief" of the questions that we'd usually ask about your video through the initial discovery process.

Creative Brief

  1. Company Name / Client Contact Name / Phone Number / email address:
  2. Project Name:

Background / Overview:

  1. Tell me about your video. What Type of Video are you making? (Corporate Marketing Video, TV Commercial, Product Video, Tech Support Video, Presentation, Event Video, etc)
  2. Where will the video be shown (web, tv, dvd, events, meetings, etc)? Be sure to include context for each.
  3. Do you have any ideas for what you would like to see in the video or have you seen any other videos that are similar to what you are looking for? (Include links to video samples if possible)
  4. Who is the video talking to (target market), and what is the one main thing we want to say?
    Example: The target market for our product is women aged 40-65 who own a home. We want to highlight the advanced features of our product.
  5. What is the objective of the video? What should the audience think, feel, or do after seeing the video?
    Example: After seeing the video, we want people to call or go to our website link for additional information about the product.
  6. What's the single most important or compelling statement we can make to achieve the objective?
    Example: Buying the product for your home will save the homeowner time and money.
  7. What's going on in the market and who are your competitors?
  8. Do you have examples of printed collateral or other good examples of your brand and messaging that you could share with us? (Include links to web pages if necessary)

Good video doesn't happen by accident. Discovering and knowing the answers to these questions, along with an ongoing collaborative conversation with our clients, gives us the ability to produce the video that will best serve your brand and identity.